About Me

Call me Drakulita. Currently, I’m a 26-year-old writer living in Makati City, Philippines.
Looking back, I may have always been a lover of words. I grew up in a house filled with books my father read. I was also lucky that my parents provided me piles and piles of children’s books for me to read. Growing up as their only child for seven years, I would find new worlds to explore on my own in every colorful page I encountered. I remember how back then, I would prefer scouting the next perfect book to read over a trip to the toy store any given time.

Fast-forward to college, it was no surprise (to me, atleast) when I ended up taking a literary course. (I’m sure my parents would have wanted me to opt for something more financially rewarding…LOL!)

Now that I’ve stepped over to the adult world, I miss reading as much as I used to. No, not just when I was in college but way, way back: when reading was made of pure bliss, when I read for myself and not for reports, and when there were no deadlines to beat. 😉

For less of my babbling, check out my other sites:

Online PortfolioJeisa Chiminazzo FansiteTumblrPornographic Sofa


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