I hope you would let him go or more appropriately, let him grow.

He has been nothing but the nicest, kindest, and most responsible son and brother to you. What more can you ask from someone who has been following your orders at a drop of a hat, giving in to your every request, doing every task you demand from him.

He is now twenty-four years old. He has been under your wing, at your beck and call for over twenty years. He won’t be going anywhere. He’ll always be reaching out to you because that’s who he is: a loving son, and a most compassionate brother who’ll yield to your every command, give in to your demands willingly.

I hope you’ll learn to let him go. Let him grow.

Then again what do I know of parenting, of raising a son, of having an older brother? Nothing.

I only know of letting go of great loves. I’ve been doing it for so many times, I’m so good at it. I guess I wouldn’t mind doing it again.


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