Shrewd as a rat

I am a rat. For quite some time, I’ve always thought I was an ox since most of the 1985 kids are. Until I got this bookmark with a Chinese calendar on it telling me I was a rat. I remember being in denial. I was quite sure being born in 1985 made me part of the ox club. I didn’t like the thought of being a rat.  (Eww!)

But the year of dragon sounds good for a rat so I guess I don’t have a reason to complain.

COMPATIBLE – Generally, as the Rat and Dragon have good affiliation with each other, you can expect things to good more smoothly for the Rat this year.”

To be even more specific, I am a weak water rat. Although I’ve seen somewhere else that I’m a wood rat. Why is this always so confusing? Haha, not that I’m a hardcore believer.

Weak Water Rat will do pretty well this year. Good
  • Rat people usually have more acquaintances than real friends and they revere and cherish those close to them. Once you become their real friends, they will treat you as their family. Rats are self-contained and keep problems to themselves.
  • Stubborn as they are, they prefer to live by their own rules rather others.
  • Unfortunately, as soon as the Rat earns money, he spends it.
  • The Rat is not romantic, but he is sensual and loving. Rat people could be hard to see through at first glance, because they are also very protective, but even though they are not easy but they are worth it – ask anyone who has a Rat for a lover, parent, child or friend. They are very loyal and devoting to their families.
  • Restless and inquisitive, those born under the influence of the Rat are active, both physically and mentally, and tend to lead busy lives. Challenge is essential to them for they love the thrill of living dangerously. With clairvoyance, intuition, perspicacity and an eye for detail, Rats are formidable problem solvers, finding workable solutions to the knottiest problems. Travelling is one of their favorite pastimes.
  • Rats are able to control their feelings and will generally present a cool facade to the outside world, regardless of whatever volcanic emotions they may be feeling inside. But these are passionate creatures whose feelings can be deeply stirred and though able to control them as a rule, when the volcano does erupt, watch out! Perhaps one of their faults is their inability to actually talk about their feelings to those they love, and consequently they tend to repress them — thus adding to the volcanic pressure. As well as being deeply passionate they are sensual creatures who simply exude sexuality and who greatly enjoy all forms of physical stimulation.

(1 – least compatible, 100 – most compatible)

Rat 81 – A very good match.
Ox 88 – A stable and peaceful relationship.
Tiger 70 – In order to success, both must endure.
Rabbit 47 – Not advised, they should stay away from each other.
Dragon 95 – One of the best-arranged unions.
Snake 67 – Better be friends than lovers.
Horse 29 – No, no, no.
Sheep 56 – Probably not.
Monkey 90 – It’ll be a fun and loving relationship.
Rooster 66 – Steamy, yes, but not lasting.
Dog 72 – Why not?
Pig 81 – This can work. They admire each other.

Guess who’s a dragon? 🙂


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