First night out of 2012

The nice thing about having a different work place aside from Makati is the bigger chances of stumbling upon interesting places – such as this one.

Our Friday night was a blast. Joel and I headed to Citizen Pub and Burger Bar at the City Golf Plaza to try something different. We ended up having their Crazy Burger (with the wasabi-mayo dressing) and Spaghetti with Osso Bucco meatballs. I’m not a wasabi burger fan but this one’s a winner. It wasn’t too tangy and the taste was just right, especially if you paired it with a bottle of beer. The pasta was delicious and it made me regret ordering iced tea. Would have loved to wash it down with beer! Next time. 😉

The place was definitely interesting and it also had nice acoustics – so people could talk and listen to each other while enjoying their night out. It helped that their playlist included Tegan and Sara, Foo Fighters and U2. Would love to go back in broad daylight to take nice photos of the place, and spend another night out where I could stay up at the roof deck.

I first found out about Citizen while doing an ocular with Angge late last year at Reserve, another bar also at the City Golf block. Found our pictures:


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