My wish for 2012 is to travel more, to go to places I haven’t been to… It doesn’t even need to be far-flung places. I’ve always been curious of my surroundings and I want to keep exploring, if only to learn more and experience more. I’ve always wondered about the old Manila, Chinatown – you get my drift.

Last year, I was lucky to have been able to take time off and relax. As I was browsing through my photos, couldn’t help but notice what I’ve been doing: taking shots of where my feet brought me.


I think this all started in 2006, right after I stepped out of college. I relished my new-found freedom: after four years of studying, I was finally free to go places. Not that I wasn’t able to travel back in college – but we all know how it feels to breakaway from all that school-induced stress. 🙂

2006 (That last pair is Danny Seigle's - a gift from his girlfriend!)

I should do this more often, if only to instill in me that longing to travel far, go out of my way and enjoy life.


2 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. This reminds me of the quote “If you wear good shoes they will take you to good places.” One of the few good things I got from my guilty pleasure of watching dramas. Haha! To me there’s nothing more fulfilling than traveling. Give in to your itchy feet and go go go in 2012! 🙂

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