A most surprising 2011 (3 of 4)

The second half of the year definitely came by so fast. Both work and play kept me busy.

  • I had the rare chance to step inside the Malacañang Palace. I also had the opportunity to travel to far-flung places in Mindanao (such as Cotabato, Butuan and Compostela Valley) I wouldn’t have been to if not for my line of work.

Crazy workmates make for fun playmates

  • I got the privilege to chat with Ms. Rina Jimenez-David whose column I’ve been following since high school. Aside from work-related matters, we talked about how worthwhile and fun it was to watch Zombadings! That very same week, her column about the indie movie came out.

Fangirl mode over Rina Jimenez-David

  • In 2011, I got to write for a medical journal, a real-estate magazine and by the start of the second half of the year – Meg Magazine. (Thanks, Klara!) I think the more rewarding part was helping a good friend make her dream come true: seeing Chubbs’ work in print! 🙂

Meg June 2011

Meg August 2011

  • Of course, Joel and I made the most of our first couple of months together. I wasn’t really up for it but he managed to make me attend a CURSOR event again after quite some time. Glad to be able to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

With my constant date

Attended the CURSOR party at Techno Wave in Morato

Watched Ely Buendia and the Diamond Dogs in Saguijo

Partied with the SWI girls at Republiq and Opus

Hung out with 77 kids at Hamby's condo for her despedida

Had our first out of town trip together at Boracay

Along with the good memories are sad ones. A dear friend and former co-worked passed away. We were of the same age. It was heartbreaking to see someone so bubbly and vibrant leave us behind – but we know she’s in a better place now where she is surrounded by the birthday boys.

I miss your laughter, Jaline.


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