A most surprising 2011 (2 of 4)

Years of gushing over Rogue made me such a fangirl. I didn’t want to admit it but the first half of the year managed to expose that silly fangirl side which I’ve been trying to hide. One day, when Mark Nicdao tweeted he was at M Cafe, I tweeted back saying I would meet him there and have my book signed. I hurriedly left my work desk, got my copy of Vantage at the condo and walked briskly to M Cafe. (To add to my surprise, I also spotted Myrza Sison there!)

Mark laughed because he thought my going there was just a joke. I didn’t have much to say as I was nervous. I was simply glad to have my book signed by Mark Nicdao himself.

Signed copy of Mark Nicdao's Vantage

At the start of the second quarter of 2011, I already made a pact with myself about the changes that were to be made. However, due to circumstances, I ended up leaving work earlier than expected. My crazy work friends were sad to see me go but happy with the new challenge I was about to embark on.

In truth, I was sort of lost. I didn’t really have a fixed direction. (Can you say quarter-life crisis?) At that moment, I wanted to take on freelancing – just to try my hand at something so unfixed and irregular while I still had the opportunity and the luxury to do so. As I was getting prepped up for freelance work (which was mostly online-based), an opportunity came along. I’m glad I took it. I bid Makati farewell (it became my bedroom), and I said hello to Ortigas after spending most of my working life in Makati.

It was not for naught. In fact, by making such decision, I was following the words of John Gabriel Pelias, the 19-year-old UP summa cum laude who graduated that summer: “You graduated not from any university but from a university named after the nation. Use your talents to contribute to the country.” ♥

It was a surprise to find out my new set of workmates were just as crazy – or even more crazy than I already am.

"Weird si Drakulita. She belongs here." -Aubrey Friginal

With my new work came a lot of fun adventures. I was sent off early on to Mindanao – to Butuan and Cotabato where I learned a lot about my new job and more particularly, I heard first-hand the many problems our fellow Filipinos are encountering on a day-to-day basis.

I also got to learn more about myself in the process. Apparently, someone could be a sharpshooter with a little more practice and a lot of patience. 😉


Summer, all in all, was lovely. Along with change came a lot of pretty things and a door of opportunities despite the many things that got lost and commitments that were broken. I fell in love with the Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light, Jeisa’s Anthropologie Summer 2011 campaign, Crazy Stupid Love‘s trailer and you.

Everyone, including myself, had been caught by surprise.


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