A most surprising 2011 (1 of 4)

Every year, my friend Chubbs and I come up with a word that sums up our year. For 2009, it was riot and for 2010, it was pogi. As the year goes along, we make it a point to guess that one word until the right fit simply happens or until we both agree that it is indeed THE word for our year.

For 2011, I can’t remember exactly when we concluded that this year’s word is surprising. Funny how this year’s ups and downs led us both to amazing surprises – most of which we simply didn’t expect. We are just glad those amazing surprises happened and that we are now where we are today.

Now here’s my attempt to take note of the surprising year that was.

The first quarter of 2011 was quite a headache – literally. My year started with a nightmare and the weeks that followed were filled with bouts of vertigo and migraine. I got so scared so I took medical tests – all of which ended up with negative results. Thankfully.

It must have been all the work-related stress.

SWI Writers Block: My partners in crime

What helped me survive were my crazy co-workers. Kindly note the emphasis on the adjective. I remember how we couldn’t stop laughing about Khamakka Brekker! I remember all the crazy photo booth shots we took in between and sometimes, during work when we were on the brink of breaking down. I have to say we made the best out of our situation and enjoyed each other’s company.

Finally got a photo with The Mark Nicdao!

Vectorized Drakulita by Lois

February provided a sweet relief. It was the second year of celebrating my birthday with a not so amicable co-celebrant  (I know, I didn’t have a choice!) who shall not be named.

I had a simple birthday picnic in UP with my fam followed by a simple lunch at Mister Kebab. I forgot how kids don’t like Mediterranean food as much as I do. Post-celebration, I kind of felt bad for my kid brothers and cousins who celebrated with me.

A trip to Cebu City and Bantayan Island made my birth month feel like a sweet serenade. I fell in love with Sta. Fe and how serene and yet so abundant the place is.

March was the month when Sugarfree bid farewell and when a huge earthquake hit Japan. Personally, it was the month I got a free lap dance from Sid Lucero. LOL.

All in all, it was a first quarter storm. The start of my 2011 was a bit of a headache and I knew changes needed to be made. I was quite ready but what I was not ready for were the multitude of other changes to come.


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