Turning Japanese

Been craving for and consequently, eating Japanese food for three days now. I have Nihonbashi Tei’s amazing food to blame. Last Friday, after tiring ourselves by heading straight to UP from work in time for the Lantern Parade, we trooped all the way to Makati to recharge. Joel suggested we finally hit Nihonbashi Tei. It has been on our list for quite some time already.

At Nihonbashi Tei

We ordered edamame in advance because we were expecting the service to be slow. It was a busy Friday night after all and the place was brimming with diners, who were mostly Japanese. The crew, however, proved us wrong. One by one, our orders arrived: the drinks, sushi, tempura, teppan-yaki…

Check out our table:

A most delectable mess

The Toro Spicy Maki was heavenly – even if I couldn’t take it in just a single bite. The Beef Teppan-yaki was sheer perfection. The beef was so tender and the sauce was splendidly mouthwatering. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back to Nihonbashi Tei right this very instant. The night’s selection made me regret ordering ramen the first time I went there.

But it also made me very excited to go back.


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