Less than perfect

(Sundays will be for flash fiction instead of 100 words. Here’s my first attempt based on the prompt from FlashXer: unfortunate incident.)

burnt popcorn

I can still completely recall that incident when I was running late for a first date. Mortified for my turtle pace, I put on the first dress I spotted inside my closet instead of every girl’s usual this-or-that little black dress dilemma.

“Hey, sorry if I made you wait,” I instantly apologized as I sat down on my date’s car.
“It’s alright,” Rich said while driving away. “We’re still right on time.”

I barely knew Rich but I was well aware that he’s a charmer, a complete ladies man. I knew I had to play the part of a princess. If only it was that easy. I’ve always been a klutz – the worst one in the family, among my friends and even amidst the company of strangers.

When we arrived at the movie house, Rich insisted I get something to eat. I grabbed the popcorn tumbler on the counter as we barely had the time to order snacks and drinks.

As we were seated and the lights were dim, the air of romance didn’t come in. It turns out that I was nibbling on burnt popcorn. Again, I uttered a string of apologies for not caring as much as I should have and as usual, Rich didn’t mind.

But just as things were going better, it turned for the worse.


Rich gushed as I accidentally elbowed the soda while tugging on my dress that got stuck on his side of the seat. I got his pants wet even before I meant it.

I was in the worst comedy of the entire human race, I thought to myself as I was on the brink of tears. I was ready to walk out and never ever let him see me again but as I stood up, I remembered how my dress was still stuck to his side of the seat.

“Cass, it’s okay,” he hushed as he grabbed hold of my arm.

He teased me how it could have been worse – how my dress could have fallen off as I rushed out, how I could have choked on those nasty popcorn bits or how I could have rocketed sky-high with my five-inch heels as I made it to the drive way while in a rush earlier.

We both laughed, and that’s when I knew that it was going to be okay.

Looking back, that could have been the first time I said ‘I do.’ to you, Rich. I’m glad I stayed because little did I know, that was the start of our forever.

It was the worst in dating history but I have to say it was the best date of my life.


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