Did you keep your New Year’s resolutions?

And will you make more for next year?

Hmm, I didn’t commit to having a serious New Year’s resolution last year, but I did attempt to start (yet again) a photoblog, which was a failure. I also said I wanted to fix my dotcoms:

  1. Fix the Jeisa-Chiminazzo.com fansite
  2. Get drakulita.com for my portfolio and blog (yes, this one)
  3. Put Pr0nographic Sofa back on the map

Yay! Atleast I have my portfolio partly up with a lot of backlogs, but at least it’s updated. I haven’t touched the Jeisa Chiminazzo fansite for lack of time, but the PS site is up although I haven’t updated it in a week!

This coming new year, I would love to cut off my Coke intake – which would definitely do me a lot of good. If only I have the willpower… Let’s see. 🙂


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