My heart is caught in a landslide

I first heard about Eisley on Achtung Baby. I downloaded a live version of My Lovely and it easily became my LSS. Soon enough, I caught myself listening again and again to Laughing City, Marvelous Things – and finally (an album!), Room Noises. Brightly Wound, quaint and charming with its idyllic lines, easily became a favorite.

We were standing there and I had tangles in my hair
but you make me feel so pretty
You have shining eyes, like the forest lights
and it makes me want to cry, I love you…

I shall never grow up
Make believe is much too fun
Can we go far away to the humming meadow

But too much of a good thing is bad for my system. After being on loop for what seemed like forever, Eisley just had to be skipped. It also didn’t help that there was something lacking on their succeeding album. Fast-forwarded to 2010, I only got to listen to them when Stacy did a cover of Silver Springs, which was truly, truly lovely.

Last week, out of boredom, I decided to re-discover my old loves – and along with it was Eisley’s music. I finally found the time today to listen to their tracks and it gave my tummy that old funny feeling I must have felt before. It’s official, Brightly Wound is still my forever favorite – if you know what I mean.


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