I’m a black-and-white thinker

…and I ❤ it.

Decisive, black-and-white thinkers have been held up in our culture as good in conflict. Think of Sydney Bristow on Alias or the fast-on-her-feet emergency room doctor. We like that decisive people are able to quickly size up a situation and make a call. But now psychologists are pointing out the flip side: Black and white thinkers can get mired in one point of view. Combine black-and-white thinking with clinical depression, for example, and you’ve got someone who sees the downside, even when there’s not one. On the other hand, black-and-white thinkers have less trouble speaking their mind, and have less anxiety regarding the decisions they do make. Somewhat surprising was the data that black-and-white thinkers may have healthier relationships. Recognizing that there are positive and negative aspects in any relationship, the black-and-white thinker generally chooses to focus on the qualities that are most important to them.



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