Could be heaven

I went to UP earlier today to finally get the chance to “date” the boyfriend at Chocolate Kiss. It helped big time that the Summer Komikon was also being held at The Bahay ng Alumni. (Komikon was actually the reason I gave him on why we should go to Diliman. Thankfully, he really wanted to go there too since we’ve planned on going to Komikon a couple of times before.)

Afterwards, we ended up at this bookstore right beside SC with a lot of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Kurt Vonnegut, Isabel Allende, and even Melissa Bank on the shelves. I’m calling that place heaven. I ended up buying Camille Paglia’s Sexual Personae (after Angelique made me super green with envy when she got her own copy earlier this year) for less than 300 bucks.

Wrapped up the day with my family and a big banoffee pie from Banapple. Talk about happiness in a day.


3 thoughts on “Could be heaven

  1. rachel/angelique still owes me a book! haha. i remembered you when i went to Heights’ book launch last friday. those book shops near SC burn a hole in my wallet from time to time, too. got a le guin, a vonnegut and a silverstein. heaven indeed.:)

  2. but of course. it’s a sign that our friendship will endure. heh. look out for my birthday entry in my wordpress blog tomorrow. there’s a special mention of you there. hehehe.

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