A most productive weekend

-one that didn’t involve any bit of work! Yes, my long weekend was very much relaxing and productive – both at the same time.

Staying away from corporate Makati as much as possible

Woke up way too early so I opted to go for a nice swim. Had breakfast with the boyfriend before he went to dreamland. After lunch I met up with one of my best friends whom I haven’t seen for the longest time. Capped the day with dinner at Kitchen, plus dessert at Coffee Bean where another one of my closest friends joined in.

That day, I ended up with 2 new books: Murakami’s When I Talk About Running… and Pratchett’s Making Money – hardbound on sale!

Watched Bullets over Broadway with the boyfriend, then off to Pepper Lunch. Spent most of the day reading Murakami.

Quiapo Day! It was my first time to go to Quiapo – can you believe that? It was hot out there but the trip was worth it. Ended up buying a second-hand TV for the condo. LOL. I also passed by the church which I actually liked despite the overwhelming crowd and yes, the heat. Back in Makati, had a simple dinner at Pizza Hut Bistro. Afterwards, I went grocery shopping for an effort to stock the ref with healthy food (for cooking!) and do away with, or atleast minimize eating fastfood.


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