I miss my brothers. I love being in the same room with them just because they make me feel young again. It’s funny how fast they grow up, and how smart they’ve become despite our years apart. Mac is the nicest one among the three of us – I don’t know how he does it! Meanwhile, Ken is everyone’s favorite – especially because his throwbacks are witty and true, plus he’s the youngest. Bunso kasi! That’s why he gets away with being naughty. 🙂

I actually see myself in him sometimes. I’d like to consider I’m a nicer version of him a long, long time ago. Ken’s also like the older brother I never had – he always asks my mom where I am and if I would be coming home. Sweet, no? Thank God I’m way older than him.

I miss my brothers. I can’t wait to annoy the hell out of them this coming break. I’m sure they miss me too.


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