Life hacks

I came across this set of Reddit lifehacks, care of @ginatrapani. I liked this sub-thread best:

* Never let small things bother you.
* Learn to say no to things you don’t want to do.
* Cut negative people out of your life.
* Cut people out of your life who only contact you when they want you to do something for them.

Plus the sub comments on cutting negative people out of your life:

* This. I have personal experience of this and can not emphasize how important this is.

* You’ll find new and better ones. I was worried about a shortage too but in a year my life was completely different and more awesome with new, better friends.

* I really feel the need to comment that just doing this one thing has COMPLETELY changed my life for the better. I did this at the end of last year, and despite the shortage of friends, I have never been happier.

* Whenever I have to deal with a conflicting person, I always think that I’m glad our lives are just crossing temporary and feel sorry for them that they always have to deal with themselves.


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