C'est la vie

I have been trying to make my life about me – more than being about work, other people, long tasks at hand, deadlines, and other what-nots.

And more than anything, I have been trying to write things down and help my faulty memory keep track of the good things, the great things – and even the bad ones worth learning from. I joined Project 52 at the start of the year, but the group – being made up more of writers than techies, had a messed-up start. Thankfully, it’s rebooting this St. Patrick’s Day and I hope it turns out well and more importantly, interesting. I’ve been needing some extra push.

I have been trying to keep up – yes I’ve been too lazy, and yes Facebook is eating way too much of my time. I’ve asked other friend bloggers to join me with this project so it would be more easier and more fun.

I can’t wait to have that after-a-year feeling – that point where I can look back and say, ahh – what a year that was. And I have all these wonderful memories backed up.


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