What a night, what a loss.

My night started out bad with little mishaps thrown in from everywhere – but nothing breaks my heart more than hearing Alexander McQueen’s death over Twitter just a moment ago. I’ve always been fond of his talent. He can be so simple, so straight to the point one minute and then go all out of this world the next. The man is a genius. Late last year, I was even drooling over his recent work to my boyfriend who would just give me a “???” reply.

A long time ago, I was also very much inspired to see my favorite model to be dressed up by him – in a virginal dress, no less. That wasn’t something I would have expected from McQueen. This was around 2004-2005, and being awe inspired, I ended up writing this – my favorite little piece I’ve ever written

Jeisa in Alexander McQueen

Bad Religion

He calls me his virgin when he’s in a good mood. He teases me and sings me praises as though I’m really his. Every night he’d woo me with his words, every week with roses. Once a month he’ll bring me home and hand me a book or a CD he thought I might like.

I find his actions repulsive, and him – more disgusting than a drunken man. I’ve told him off one time too many but still, he remains the ever firm believer. He thinks I’m his virgin but he doesn’t know I would rather be his bitch.

I’ve always cheered “McQueen for the win!” – haha baduy, I know. Alexander McQueen, it’s sad to see you go.


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