Wishlist for my 25th birthday

I ‘m not the fancy shmancy type. Here’s a couple of things on top of my head to make up my birthday wishlist:

-Grey Goose, Absolut, Asti, Bailey’s Caramel, Arbor Mist…or just about anything a bit fruity or sweet!

-Since almost all of my books got Ondoyed, might as well rebuild my collection starting with my favorite authors (Vonnegut, Garcia Marquez, Gaiman, Kundera, Winterson…) or just about any quality reading would do. If you’re feeling safe, bookstore GCs are very much welcome

Handwritten letters
…because it requires the sender to make more sense more than text/email greetings



Frilly skirts and cute underwear (haha!)

Just about anything artsy fartsy and/or handmade

A web hosting account

A trip to an interesting food place

A TV set for the condo (Seriously!!!)

Did I mention books worth reading?

Anything silver

iPhone 3G earbuds, or any cute pair of earphones please

Red orange daisies

Your honesty

Okay, must stop.


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