Photo fail

Lately, I’ve been enjoying myself with a little challenge I’m bound to fail. Like how I started with tumblr a year ago which only Chubbs witnessed, I’m back attempting another photography trial.

“I tried taking pictures, but they were so mediocre. I guess every girl goes through a photography phase.”
-Charlotte, Lost In Translation

I remember that phase very well. I was in junior year back in college, a couple of years before DSLRs, lomo cams – and yes, even digicams became all too common.

I took up Photography in UP just to give it a shot and to satisfy my curiosity about the little black box with a peephole. I’ve been failing then with my lomo cam attempts, not being able to compose anything really pretty – just funny and cute things I momentarily enjoy, so maybe I’ll learn something by taking a Photography class.

And so I did.

Apparently, at the start of the class we were given the freedom to take photos at our own will. To cut a long story short, we were asked to pick a photo and during lecture day – just by listening to Sir Jamon discuss the basics of photography, I found out I basically don’t have the eye for composition. Hahaha.  I was so sure of it.

2005 rewind:

CURSOR seniors

Sa gilid ng Kalayaan

Sushee dropping by our photo exhibit


4 thoughts on “Photo fail

  1. I remember those shades 🙂 and i also remember that line from lost in translation! my photography prof in UP during a critique said something like “i don’t understand how the same person can take a photo like that (pointing to my bad photo) and a photo like that (pointing to my good one)” hahaha

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