Eversince I moved out of our Internet-ready Fairview home, the Makati condo left me with no choice but to give up my unlimited surfing and 24-7 downloading habits. I gave up on torrents – on catching the latest episodes as soon as they’re uploaded,  surfing for good music, etc.

Since I’m home for the holidays and with nothing much to do,  the long break has finally allowed me to sit down, surf the Internet endlessly, get myself bored and finally catch up with my list of movies to watch. After watching Coco avant Chanel the other day, I moved on to The September Issue. I couldn’t help but get distracted by the movie’s catchy soundtrack.

It reminded me that there are heaps and heaps of good music everywhere, and I feel terrible for missing out on a lot of them. Now, I’m paying the price. Gotta catch up big time!

VHS or Beta – Burn It All Down
Jim Noir – Don’t You Worry
(via Haikalcium Lowfat)

Phoenix – 1901
Jay-z feat. Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind
(via Surviving the golden age)


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