The reason I love Banksy

Last February 6, 2005 (surely a long time ago), I started a Flickr group for Banksy and his graffiti art. Being from the Philippines, I have no access to his art except for through his website and by searching for ‘Banksy’ in Flickr every once in a while. So when I got intrigued by his riots and whatnots, I wanted to catch a glimpse of them and found searching tiring, especially when there were too many results! Creating a Flickr group was the practical thing to do.  =)

Hence, THIS. We were one of the first groups tagged by the Flickr team under “Interestingness”, and now we’ve grown to almost 15,000 members. I feel bad for not being all too active like before. I barely manage to monitor the new stuff. But I’m glad that the group is still there, the members are active and the moderators even more so.

It’s a silly wish but I hope we make it to 15,000 members by February 6 – just a way to thank Banksy for his art and remind him that we are here, appreciating all the witty, silly, weird commentaries he is doing through his art.

Agency Job (Gleaners)




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