Nine things to be thankful for this '09

Here’s my list, in a historical order:

  1. iPhone for my birthday
    – it was something I didn’t expect. And it was way good, way too good. =) Now I want a 3GS! LOL.
  2. A very patient and understanding boyfriend
    – too bad, I’m still as impatient as I’ve always been. 😛
  3. A Boracay trip
    – For the countless years I’ve been visiting this island, this is actually my first time to go without the family. I was with Eug plus Juni and Mau. Never mind the fact that I was sick the whole trip!
  4. Rediscovering Baguio!
    – Growing up where I needed to go to Baguio every year with my family, on my birthday week no less was part fun, part torture. I kind of got sick of the city. This time around, I had a different encounter with my not so favorite city thanks to Eug, making me reconsider my label for the City of Pines.
  5. Surviving Ondoy
    – What a cruel storm. We lost our home, most of our stuff, and all of my books, magazines, and other memorabilia. But I couldn’t stop being thankful for surviving the disaster with my family still complete.
  6. A new job
    – I especially love the people: more specifically, my fellow writers. ❤
  7. New friendships, new experiences
    – I managed to go out of town with my (former) officemates and (former) roommates, bond over lunches and dinners, try out new stuff like surfing and weekday partying.
  8. Good TV
    – I totally skipped TV last ’08 but this year has been truly interesting with How I Met, Glee, House, Celebrity Apprentice, Project Runway Philippines, ANTM…
  9. All the little blessings in between
    – Despite all the mishaps and the ugly experiences, my life this 2009 has been filled with so many blessings. I have to say I’m lucky to be still standing tall and smiling after such a tumultuous year that was.

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