On losing

I have yet to write a proper entry about losing my books due to the Ondoy disaster. I’ve been trying my best to push the thought away, and I’ve been successful for quite some time now up until Neil twitted about Charles Vess’ new book, “Drawing Down the Moon” late last week.

When I saw the link, I was still enthralled by the magical illustrations until I was reminded of my illustrated Stardust book signed by no less than Neil himself. At first I was in high hopes that I’ve lent it to a friend but deep down inside I knew that I sent the book home in good hopes that it would be protected there more instead of being kept inside my old school bag at the condo which I often place very near the window, and which often gets wet whenever strong winds come along with the rain.

This happened last Friday morning. When I got home that night, coincidentally, Stardust was running on HBO. Haha, what a mean joke. I don’t mind anymore. The thought still saddens me but all this whining won’t get me my books back.

Thankfully, I’m a bit excited to re-build my personal library. My boyfriend’s sister gave me a Powerbooks card, good enough to inspire to start looking for books again.


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