Top iPhone apps

What does my top iPhone apps say about me? That I’m a plain Jane? Hahah. Hmm, for starters I’m not so much of a needy person. I’m basically a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of girl so my needs are pretty much basic too. Here are my top 5 most used apps, not including Slingshot Cowboy which someone else has been paying too much attention to.

1) Messages
Of course.

Naturally so.

I usually use my other phone for text messaging but some days, I’m stuck with my iPhone – which I don’t ever so mind. Especially during work-related convos, arguments (v. helpful for reference) and whenever I need to keep a proof of something. LOL.

2) Mail
Because it’s nifty to keep up, even if you’re on the go.

3) iPod
It’s my best friend everytime I step out of the condo and head for the workplace. It never fails me every single time.

4) Calendar
To constantly remind of things, events, people, etc.especially because I keep on forgetting!!!

5) Social networking
Twitter and Facebook FTW! These two things on my iPhone can keep me all tucked up in bed on lazy weekend mornings just tap-tap-tapping away.


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