It’s the little things

I’ve been smiling to myself a lot more frequently than usual. And I think about it now and I don’t even have to ask myself why. No, it’s not because I’m getting even more crazy each day, silly. It’s because of the little things.

For one, E— and I got to spend a long weekend in Baguio. In a workplace where they don’t consider weekends as something holy and priceless (as I usually think of it that way), it’s a mighty, mighty fine time to get away and I mean far away from the office, leaving all the burdensome workload and unwanted stress behind. It doesn’t matter that I’ve been to Baguio City a gazillion times. I just want us to free our minds and enjoy.

Apparently, my not-so-favorite city was a promising vacation choice after all…

But that was already a week ago. Just this week, my favorite top model’s b___ e-mailed me a copy of one of her most recent fashion editorials. Among the e-mails I received that day, that one made my heart skip a beat. I totally love the connectivity and I’m humbled by the fangirl experience. (I can already hear the giddy ditzy me babbling!)

I’m telling you, it’s the little things!!! 😉


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